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Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Stroke Management and Prevention (Revised 2011)

There are many challenges to preventing and treating a stroke. Survivors of an acute stroke who are transferred to a long term care facility need a multidisciplinary assessment and treatment plan that lowers risk for post-stroke complications, helps to optimize physical and cognitive function, and reduces the risk of stroke recurrence. This guideline will help the facility care team individualize its approach to stroke prevention, evaluation, and treatment; reach shared decisions about care that consider the patient's physical and cognitive status, prognosis, goals of therapy; and includes an assessment of the benefits, burdens, and alternatives to evaluations, tests, and treatments. Caregiving staff will learn how to respond and with whom to communicate when they recognize the signs and symptoms that may signal an acute stroke or stroke complications.

Since stroke management falls into three categories of urgency, Acute stroke (a medical emergency that should be addressed immediately), Post-stroke (involves care for a patient who has had a stroke recently), and Stroke prevention (involves measures to prevent a first or recurrent stroke), the steps in this guideline are relevant in the context of those categories. These differences are reflected in the text by the use of color-coded labels.

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