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Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Falls and Fall Risk (Revised 2011)

The Falls and Fall Risk Clinical Practice Guideline guides physicians, other practitioners, and staff in assessing and managing individuals who have a recent history of falls or who are at risk of falling. Falling is a significant cause of injury and death in older individuals, especially the frail elderly. There are many age-related factors that contribute to a greater risk of falling. This guideline will help identify ways to modify some of the risk factors for falls, as well as identify ways to adjust the patient's environment to minimize the risk of injury due to falls.

This guideline has an expanded discussion on restraint reduction as it relates to falls, and discusses products that have been introduced (low beds, split rails, certain alarm systems, hip protectors, etc.), that reduce risk of consequence with falls. There are also new and more accurate fall predictors, as well as an expanded discussion related to medications and their relation to falls and much more.

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