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Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Dementia   

Dementia - a disorder characterized by progressive decline in multiple areas of cognitive function—causes a range of cognitive, mood, behavioral, and functional impairments. Optimal management of dementia in the long term care (LTC) setting involves the entire interdisciplinary team, with practitioners playing an important leadership role. This guideline offers a systematic approach to the recognition, assessment, treatment, and monitoring of patients with dementia in the LTC setting. Implementing this guideline should help LTC facilities improve their ability to:

  • Identify patients who are at risk for new or progressive dementia;
  • Manage dementia symptoms, consequences, and complications effectively and appropriately;
  • Identify the nature and causes of dementia in different patients;
  • Identify and manage potential sources of excess disability;
  • Minimize preventable complications and functional decline;
  • Respond appropriately to the changing needs of patients with dementia;
  • Make appropriate environmental and staffing modifications to maximize patient dignity, comfort, and safety; and
  • Improve the understanding of staff, family members, and caregivers about dementia and respond appropriately to their concerns.

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