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CPG Implementation Series: Pain Management Manual
Revised and freshly updated.

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Antithrombotic Therapy in the Long Term Care Setting

Caregiver’s Communication Guide: Caring for the Older Adult in the Community

CPG Implementation Series – Restyled and freshly updated

Electronic CPGs - full set Subscriptions available as Individual or Multi-User

Oral Health in the Long Term Care Setting

The Younger Adult in the Long Term Care Setting

Top 5 AMDA Products
You Need To Run An Excellent Practice
Full Set Of Clinical Practice Guidelines
(Hard Copy and/or Electronic Sets)
Multidisciplinary Medication Management Manual

Know-It-AllTM Series

  1. Know-It-AllTM Set
  2. Know-It-AllTM Before You Call Data Collection Cards
  3. Know-It-AllTM When You're Called Diagnosing System: Essential Clinical Data Exchange

Synopsis Of Federal Regulations
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