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Pressure Ulcers

As people age, their skin becomes thinner and more fragile. This is complicated by illnesses that affect nutrition, immobility, and other problems. Some pressure ulcers are unavoidable, especially when a person’s health and nutritional status are extremely poor. When pressure ulcers do develop, many factors can affect treatment and healing – including skin diseases, presence of other issues such as fecal incontinence, diabetes, malnutrition, and use of medications that affect the immune system. Effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment are best achieved through an interdisciplinary team approach; this involves the physician and nursing staff working with the patient and family to develop an effective plan of care that is consistent with the patient’s prognosis, goals, and expectations. Family physicians and caregivers also can be active in helping to prevent and detect pressure ulcers.

AMDA physicians in regions throughout the country have information and guidance on this topic. You can listen to practitioners offer insights about pressure ulcers and how you and your doctor can help make the right decisions about what preventive measures and treatments might be best for your loved one.*

Jeffrey M. Levine, MD, CMD New York Click this button to listen to interview
David A. Nace, MD, MPH Pennsylvania Click this button to listen to interview
Dan Osterweil, MD, MscEd CMD California Click this button to listen to interview
Paul Y. Takahashi, MD, CMD Minnesota Click this button to listen to interview
David R. Thomas, MD, CMD  Missouri Click this button to listen to interview
*Requires a program that plays MP3 audio files

"Caring for Consumers" clip and copy advice sheets, designed for residents/patients, family members, and future consumers of long term care services, include an introduction to the topic, tips for addressing the issue and enhancing care, a list of questions to ask the physician, and a list of additional resources. Feel free to print and use when speaking to your family and physician.

Skin Care for Your Elderly Loved One

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