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Falls/Fall Risk

The risk of falls is a concern for seniors, whether they live independently or in a nursing facility. In fact, one in three adults aged 65 or older falls each year. Of these, about 20 - 30% suffer moderate to severe injuries, and many are hospitalized. The cost is high in terms of dollars, lost independence, and lost functioning. There is much that can be done to minimize fall risk, whether your loved one lives at home or in a long term care facility. Your physician can work with you (and with facility staff) to identify measures such as providing adequate room and hallway lighting, getting rid of obstacles that cause a trip or fall, using toileting activities to prevent falls on the way to the bathroom, and making sure that shoes and slippers are well-fitting and slip-proof.

AMDA physicians in regions throughout the country have information and guidance on this topic. You can listen to practitioners offer insights about fall risk and prevention and how you can minimize the risk of your loved one slipping or falling.*
Noel A. DeBacker, MD, CMD Illinois Click this button to listen to interview
Thiruvinva S. Dharmarajan, MD, FACP New York Click this button to listen to interview
Daniel Haimowitz, MD, FACP, CMD Pennsylvania Click this button to listen to interview
Paul R. Katz, MD, CMD New York Click this button to listen to interview
Jay S. Luxenberg, MD    California Click this button to listen to interview
John E. Morley, MB BCh Missouri Click this button to listen to interview
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If your loved one experiences ‘sundowning,’ or late-day/early-evening delirium, he or she is at greater risk of falls. To learn how to address this issue and prevent someone who is sundowning from falling, click here.

"Caring for Consumers" clip and copy advice sheets, designed for residents/patients, family members, and future consumers of long term care services, include an introduction to the topic, tips for addressing the issue and enhancing care, a list of questions to ask the physician, and a list of additional resources. Feel free to print and use when speaking to your family and physician.

The Facts About Falls
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