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Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are more popular than ever. Many of these settings let residents live on their own, while enjoying access to meals, activities, transportation, and various medical services. Before choosing an assisted living setting for yourself or a loved one, you need to understand what services and care the facility is - and isn't - able to provide and when and why it might be necessary to move out of assisted living (and often into a nursing home). Your healthcare provider can help sort out what kinds of care you or your loved one will need and what type of assisted living setting might be best. Remember that you have the right to choose your own provider to care for you while you reside in an assisted living facility.

AMDA physicians in regions throughout the country have information and guidance on this topic. You can listen to practitioners offer key points about assisted living and how you and your doctor can help make sure you and/or your loved one choose the right care setting.*

Daniel Haimowitz, MD, FACP, CMD Pennsylvania Click this button to listen to interview
Anthony J. Lechich, MD New York Click this button to listen to interview
Alec Pruchnicki, MD New York Click this button to listen to interview
Heidi K. White, MD, CMD North Carolina Click this button to listen to interview
*Requires a program that plays MP3 audio files

"Caring for Consumers" clip and copy advice sheets, designed for residents/patients, family members, and future consumers of long term care services, include an introduction to the topic, tips for addressing the issue and enhancing care, a list of questions to ask the physician, and a list of additional resources. Feel free to print and use when speaking to your family and physician.

Finding the Right Assisted Living Setting

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