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The AMDA Certified Medical Director (CMD) in Long Term Care Program was developed by AMDA in 1991, after three years of research and development using surveys, consensus conferences, and experts to define the core skills and knowledge necessary for effective medical direction.

The Certified Medical Director program recognizes the dual clinical and managerial roles of the medical director. Certification requires indicators of competence in clinical medicine and medical management in long term care. The certification process is based on an experiential model that incorporates existing mechanisms such as fellowship programs, board certification, continuing medical education, CMD-approved and AMDA-sponsored courses in medical direction, and other continuing education programs to fulfill certification requirements. Currently, no additional examination or testing is required.

Study Links Certified Medical Director with Improved Nursing Home Quality

Columbia, MD – A 2009 study, commissioned by the American Medical Directors Certification Program (AMDCP) and IRB approved, finds that having an AMDA certified medical director (CMD) contributes positively to a nursing home’s quality of care. Analysis of data showed that quality scores represented a 15% improvement in quality for facilities with certified medical directors (CMDs). The study appears in the July 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA). Access the article at www.jamda.com/article/PIIS1525861009001984/fulltext.

The AMDA CMD program is administered by the American Medical Directors Certification Program (AMDCP), an independent not-for-profit organization. Applications for certification are reviewed by the AMDCP Board of Directors twice each year, in June and December. New AMDA CMDs are recognized at AMDA's annual meeting, Long Term Care Medicine, each year.

Since the program's inception, over 3,000 physician medical directors have received the AMDA CMD designation.

Medical directors in settings throughout the long term care continuum, including subacute care, home care, and hospice are eligible for certification. For eligibility information, see "Eligibility Requirements and Options." To find out more about AMDCP pre-approved CMD hours toward certification/recertification, click here.

Once awarded, certification is valid for six years, after which recertification is required to maintain AMDA CMD status.

If you have any questions about certification, contact the AMDCP Program Manager at 410-992-3117 or cmd@amda.com.

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